Why we need #AdultSexEdMonth

Toronto - Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

A boy I dated in high school once told me that his all-male sex ed. class was briefed about the mysteries of female reproductive system and menstrual cycle. So what exactly was the lesson that he took away from that and eagerly shared with me?

“The teacher said that it’s impossible to have sex with girls when they’re on their periods because they get too bitchy.”

It’s been a decade since that conversation, but the rage caused by it still burns hot inside of me. When it comes to sexual education in schools, I blame ignorant remarks like that, in addition to the lack of correct information, funding, resources, and patience, for turning out scores of confused and clueless teenagers, who grow up to be confused and clueless adults. Some of the most important sex ed. lessons are then learned through practice, where making a tiny mistake could lead to huge consequences – anything from bruised egos, awkward moments and hurt feelings to embarrassing 2am ER trips, unplanned pregnancies, and preventable STIs.

Unfortunately, there are still many myths and misunderstandings about sex and sexuality floating around. Here are some of the most ridiculous and terrifying things I’ve heard people say:

  • "A girl can’t get pregnant when she’s on top because, duhh, gravity!" (Not true.)
  • "I stay extra protected by wearing two condoms at once." (Please don’t – the friction of latex on latex will damage the condoms faster than you can moan Ohhhhhhh!!)
  • "Who needs lube when you have Vaseline/olive oil/bacon grease?" (Oil based lubricants will eat through latex barriers and create a bacteria breeding ground on your genitals.)

Fortunately, June is Adult Sex Ed. Month. It’s a collection of articles, videos, podcasts, and infographics that focus on the educational aspects of sex. Whatever questions and curiosities you feel were ignored in your high school sex ed. classes are more than welcome during the Adult Sex Ed. Month. You can find all the answers on www.adultsexedmonth.com.


Have you done your #AdultSexEdMonth homework yet?

And in case you're wondering, a little menstrual mess shouldn't be the reason to avoid good consensual sexy fun. All you need is showers, towels, vinyl sheets, wet wipes, and protection, of course!


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