Spicing up your sex life on a budget

Toronto - Tuesday, June 10th, 2014

I’m sure we’ve all been there: You spend too much money on sexy lace, fancy bras or panties that you just can’t live without, and 30 seconds into your play time, your man rips everything right off. You’re left saying “What the what?” All that work for nothing!

You don’t always need to spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie. Men are quite easy to please. They love every ounce of you: Your curves, your smell, every hole on your body, and that sexy mouth of yours.

So let’s get creative, ladies! Here are some ideas for those on a budget:

Cheap pantyhose: Instead of taking these off, let him rip them off you. Better yet, keep them on during your play and just rip the necessary holes where needed.

Halloween costumes: Perfect for a little sexy time! They were all just sitting in your closet anyway, right?

The man shirt: You can do a little re-enactment of Tom Cruise’s outfit from the movie Risky Business. Every man loves the look of an over-sized dress shirt on a woman. To make it sexier, you can always match it with a pair of thigh highs (ooh lala!) and unbutton the top buttons for some cleavage. Whether big or small, bring those girls out to play.

Everything but the kitchen sink: Anything in your fridge or pantry can be brought to the bedroom. However, let’s keep in mind that certain foods, like sardines and old mayo, may not be up to par. Like I said, get creative.

Most of all, enjoy yourself! Float your boat and his. Just remember you’re a sexy wildcat, so let out your animalistic nature!

-Love, Carla “Soft Meats” Carnemolla

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