Role Play: Back to school

Toronto - Monday, September 8th, 2014

Ever thought of September as one of the sexiest times of the year? For parents, this means sending their kids off on a school bus and finally getting to enjoy some alone adult time. And for many university and college students, this means scanning their new classes for hotties and potential hook ups, meeting new friends and friends with benefits.

As another school year begins, anyone can partake in some back-to-school fun. All you need is some props and creativity. Schoolgirl role-play is one of the most popular and flexible scenarios that can be altered to suit any couple’s preferences, personalities and comfort level. Consider some of these options:

  • Eager Student + Strict Teacher/Professor/Dean/Tutor: The authority figure has most of the control over the naïve student who’s eager to please. Whether it’s getting a better grade or getting out of detention, the student follows all of the teacher’s instructions.
  • Naughty Student + Teacher/Professor/Dean/Tutor: On a brink of getting expelled, this mischievous student doesn’t care for rules or grades or repercussions – the only goal is seducing the teacher right in the teacher’s lounge. And in the janitor’s closet. And in the cafeteria.
  • Study Buddies: Two clueless students helping each other study for an up-coming anatomy midterm. Can you name all the body parts?

Back to school

What you’ll need:

  • Schoolgirl: Pleated skirt, knee-high socks, piggy tails. Extra points for remembering to bring your textbook, accidentally dropping it on the ground, and veryyyy slowly bending over to pick it up.
  • Schoolboy: Shorts, button-up shirt, necktie. Extra points for being caught with contraband Playboy magazines.
  • Teacher: Business casual dress code will do, but keep a ruler handy for some light spanking to discipline the naughty student.

As with any role-playing, make sure to get your partner’s consent in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. Need more inspiration? Watch some schoolgirl-themed porn together.

Happy playing!


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