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Canwest Productions Acquires Toronto Montreal and Halifax Sex Shows

Toronto - Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Calgary, AB, May 15, 2017 – Canwest Productions Inc, Western Canada’s largest independent tradeshow producer, and SX Marketing announced today that Canwest has successfully completed the acquisition of SX Marketing’s portfolio of adult-themed shows including the Everything To Do With Sex Show (Toronto), Everything To Do With Sex Show (Halifax) and the Montréal Salon de l’Amour et de la Séduction.

The three sexually themed shows have become the largest consumer romance shows in each of their respective markets. The Montreal show has operated for the past 24 years while Toronto is entering its 18th year and Halifax
reaches its one decade anniversary this year.

Canwest has produced similarly themed shows in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia for the past 18 years under the brand Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Show, making the Eastern and Maritime’s shows the
perfect complement.

Branding for the newly acquired Halifax and Montreal shows is expected to remain the same, noting that each of these shows has very strong brand equity in their respective markets. The Toronto show will be rebranded to Taboo Naughty But Nice Show in an attempt to freshen it up and vend it in with the 5 other Taboo shows across Canada.

The operations of the new shows will be managed from Canwest’s corporate head office located in Calgary. Kevin Blackburn, Managing Partner of Canwest Productions, said, “Today is a big day for our company as we bring together two strong, highly-complementary businesses to form a national leader in the consumer romance shows category. It’s good for us but more importantly, it’s good for our industry and exhibitors.”

President of SX Marketing, Joel Levitt said, “When we started to consider selling the shows to enable to focus on some of our other business interests, we wanted to make sure that we sold to the right party; someone who fully understood our business and shared the same dedication and passion that we have for so many years. We have always respected the deep experience and work of Canwest’s leadership and team and know they are capable of growing these three shows.”

Canwest Productions Inc is led by a talented management team with over a century of combined experience in event and tradeshow production and marketing:

  • Peter Kiddell, President
  • Kevin Blackburn, Managing Partner
  • Terra Connors, Managing Partner
  • Sean Libin, Vice President, Marketing
  • Darryl Rosengreen, Account Manager

Canwest’s tradeshow portfolio includes the Taboo Naughty But Nice Sex Shows (Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and Regina), Calgary Woman’s Show (Spring & Fall), Baby & Tot Show (Spring & Fall), Victoria Boat & Fishing Show, Tattoo & Arts Festival (Calgary & Edmonton) and their recently acquired bridal shows - The Wedding Fair (Calgary and Edmonton).

“The addition of the sex shows in Toronto, Halifax and Montréal brings our total tradeshows to 20,” says Blackburn. “We couldn’t be more proud or more excited as we look towards the future opportunities that we’ll be able to offer our exhibitor partners and customers.” Exhibitors interested in participating in any of Canwest’s tradeshows are invited to call (403) 242-0859. New Presenting Sponsor

Toronto - Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

We've got some exciting news: is our new presenting sponsor for the 2016-2017 show season. To help celebrate this we're planning to launch an amazing new contest this week on our Facebook at, so be sure to keep an eye on it in the next few days.

Not only that but we're teaming up to make this season our greatest one yet.

-The Sex Show Team

Spring into action

Toronto - Thursday, March 12th, 2015


It’s spring!!!

So let the sunshine in!

The winter blues are out of the way and you’ve removed yourself from the sunken-in hole you left in your couch for the past few months. This is a great time to focus on you. Yeah, you! Spring seems to bring out the best in us.

This may not seem like it is sex related but that’s OK because there’s so much more to us than our dirty minds. We love to devour others with a look-good, feel-good attitude. It’s crucial for our fans to know that being sexy, having great relationships, awesome sex and all that falls in-between is based on an overall wellbeing. Being positive is key.


Wellbeing is a balance we find in ourselves -- a true happiness. And, of course, we want you to be happy! So now that spring is here, throw on some runners and go for a walk, a jog, or a bike ride with friends or lovers. Eat ice cream, sit on a patio, have picnics (my favourite), whatever you like -- just make sure you’re letting that sunshine in. You deserve it. Start relishing in the beauty this city has to offer: parks, beaches, any outdoor activity that will get you out of the house. As weeks go by you’ll notice that you’re smiling a lot more and that is awesomeness right there.


Once this has been accomplished, you may also notice that those around you are seeing and feeling your awesomeness. Dating can be tough and so can being in a relationship, so by doing good for yourself you will soon spread that to others too. This new attitude of yours will be YOUR happy and that’s what matters. Love thyself.

-Love Carla ‘Soft Meats’ Carnemolla

Wrapping up the 2014/15 show season: #BestOfETDWSS

Toronto - Friday, January 30th, 2015

Another show season has come to a close and we're so happy that we got to share these past three shows with all of you! Here are some of our favourite moments from the last show season:


1. Burlesque (Montreal). The Lady Josephine on the Main Stage, MiMi Cherry & Lexxi Brown on the Kink Stage, Maya Melata on the Wellness Stage... burlesque was everywhere in Montreal! But you can't have too much of a good thing. That's why we added a Burlesque Stage with non-stop shows for your enjoyment. Photo by Jo Gorsky.

2. Assassin (Halifax). He was one of the most highly anticipated performers of the year, and his comeback did not disappoint. Assassin knows exactly how to make the crowds scream with pleasure. Plus, since he shared the stage with Extension, we got double the D. Photo by Samson.

3. Erotic Art (Montreal). It's not every day that an artist creates a masterpiece in front of your eyes. This year, Cedric Tallion painted a life-size nude over the course of the weekend. Photo by Jo Gorsky.

4. Shopping (Halifax). Notice how the Halifax show was right in time for Valentine's Day (and the 50 Shades of Grey movie premier)? Lots of couples walked away with some naughty purchases. Missed it? It's never too late to check out Venus Envy -- they got you covered all year long. Photo by Samson.

5. Latex Vacuum Bed (Halifax). Once you're suctioned down in this sensory deprivation bed, you forget all about the real world. You can't move, see or speak, but all the other feelings are greatly intensified. It's calming, erotic and (thanks to the Halifax Kink Corner volunteers) safe. Photo by Samson.

6. Roxi D'Lite (Toronto). The Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show wouldn't have been complete without the Queen of Burlesque Roxi D'Lite. Her Madame X performance was the finger-licking-good frosting on top of our 15th anniversary cake. Photo by Jo Gorsky.

7. Surprise Proposal (Toronto). This happy couple will definitely remember this weekend forever! He popped the question, she said "I do!" and we all felt the love. Congratulations, Matt & Jenna!

8. Cock Dogs (Toronto). And who can say "No" to phallic-shaped foods on a stick? We'd eat those for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Photo by Jo Gorsky.


Santa's coming (and so should you!)

Halifax - Tuesday, December 16th, 2014

This holiday season, sneak a naughty stocking under your lover’s pillow to be opened in private. Mix and match from any of these items and add a personal touch by throwing in a racy Polaroid picture of yourself or hand-written instructions like “Wear this after dinner” or “Lick this off me.”

For her:
- Pantyhose or thigh-high stockings
- Crotchless panties or a lacy thong
- Pocket Rocket or a bullet vibe (don’t forget extra batteries!)

For him:
- Cock ring
- Masturbation sleeve
- Subscription to a porn site, cam site or adult magazine

For both:
- Tiny bottles of booze
- Condoms
- Peppermint-flavoured lube
- Edible massage oils
- Sexy dice
- Pocket-sized Kama Sutra book
- Blindfold
- Fur-lined handcuffs
- Nipple clamps
- Bondage tape
- Tickets to the Halifax Everything To Do With Sex Show or Montréal Salon de l'Amour et de la Séduction

Sexy Stocking Stuffers


Beginner's guide to kink toys

Toronto - Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

Has your sexual curiosity been turned on by a kink-themed novel, movie or image? Is kink a common theme that you draw on to heat up your solo masturbation fantasies? If this is the case, you are not alone. Most sexually active adults have fantasies that involve some form of kink. In fact, kink or BDSM fantasies are a normal variation of socially acceptable “vanilla” sex practices.

Once you’ve made the decision to add some kink to your sex life, done your research on consent and negotiated your desires and boundaries with your partner, you might find yourself wondering: “What’s next?”

Now is a good time to bring some toys into the mix. Here’s a beginner’s guide to quality leather BDSM toys and accessories:

Padded Leather Blindfolds: They are an excellent way to encourage relaxation at the beginning of a scene. Sensory deprivation heightens other senses for the Bottom and reduces Top’s performance anxiety.

Restraints: Leather wrist cuffs, like ASLAN Jag Cuffs or Cumfy Cuffs, are sexy and easy to use. With a simple bondage technique, like arms behind the back, you can have a lot of fun and get a taste of the power exchange that happens when the Bottom has restricted movement. A second set for the ankles can really amp up a sexy bondage scene.

Strap-on Harness: This is a great way to bring a new dimension to your sex play. For women, strapping on a dildo can be a very empowering experience because it encourages a dominant persona and demands communication between partners. For men, using a harness like the ASLAN Driver or Men’s Harness and Dildo can extend penetrative sex, can be used as a safe sex alternative, and can be used to compliment their personal equipment.

Collar: It’s an excellent accessory for Dom/Sub games that can be used as a signifier to start or end a scene and to enhance erotic bondage. Many Bottoms like being collard and enjoy using it as a vehicle to enter “sub space.”

Soft Flogger: The ASLAN Pocket Flogger is a great starter flogger for novice Tops. The soft tails caress the skin and, with some skill, they can bite a little as well. With practice, one can learn how to use a short flogger and then move on to a larger one. The key here is getting something that is soft to the touch with a bit of weight, like a light cow or suede.

Riding Crop or Bat: This toy is great for control and is perfect for novice Tops. It delivers a direct sting, and can be used both to caress and to punish. Try to get a bat-shaped slapper tip that is about 1 inch at its widest with the two pieces of leather joined at the base.

Slapper Paddle: The ASLAN Slapper is a double-layered paddle with an open end that creates a delicious sound when it hits its mark. When used during a spanking scene, the sound enhances the sensation and gives an incredible sense of power to the Top.

Other Sensation Toys: Candles, clothespins, spatulas, etc. – there are endless possibilities to be found throughout your home. Just remember to try it out on yourself first before you use it on your play partner!


About the author:
Mr. Carey Gray, ASLAN Leather owner, award-winning pornographer and Queer FTM lifestyle player, is a passionate advocate of BDSM as a self-empowering form of sexual, psychological and physical play. Mr. Gray is also the owner of StudioTenToronto, a 1,300 sq. ft. playspace created for people who are into exploring kink. BDSM educator, coach, lifestyle Daddy and Master, he enjoys the discoveries that come from pushing the psychological and physical boundaries of top and bottom space through role play, the intimate power of spanking and the beautiful submission and control of bondage. He believes that play is an ongoing growth process and is always ready to share his skills and experience with others. With warm guidance and humor, Mr. Gray encourages participants to explore their desires. Mr. Gray has presented at Dark Odyssey Winterfire and Summer Camp, The Floating World, Unholy Harvest Queer Play Con, and continues to present a number of classes through Good For Her and independently at

Check out Carey Gray's seminars on the Kink Stage and find ALSAN Leather products in booth 341 at the Toronto Everything To Do With Sex Show on Oct. 24-26.

Role Play: Back to school

Toronto - Monday, September 8th, 2014

Ever thought of September as one of the sexiest times of the year? For parents, this means sending their kids off on a school bus and finally getting to enjoy some alone adult time. And for many university and college students, this means scanning their new classes for hotties and potential hook ups, meeting new friends and friends with benefits.

As another school year begins, anyone can partake in some back-to-school fun. All you need is some props and creativity. Schoolgirl role-play is one of the most popular and flexible scenarios that can be altered to suit any couple’s preferences, personalities and comfort level. Consider some of these options:

  • Eager Student + Strict Teacher/Professor/Dean/Tutor: The authority figure has most of the control over the naïve student who’s eager to please. Whether it’s getting a better grade or getting out of detention, the student follows all of the teacher’s instructions.
  • Naughty Student + Teacher/Professor/Dean/Tutor: On a brink of getting expelled, this mischievous student doesn’t care for rules or grades or repercussions – the only goal is seducing the teacher right in the teacher’s lounge. And in the janitor’s closet. And in the cafeteria.
  • Study Buddies: Two clueless students helping each other study for an up-coming anatomy midterm. Can you name all the body parts?

Back to school

What you’ll need:

  • Schoolgirl: Pleated skirt, knee-high socks, piggy tails. Extra points for remembering to bring your textbook, accidentally dropping it on the ground, and veryyyy slowly bending over to pick it up.
  • Schoolboy: Shorts, button-up shirt, necktie. Extra points for being caught with contraband Playboy magazines.
  • Teacher: Business casual dress code will do, but keep a ruler handy for some light spanking to discipline the naughty student.

As with any role-playing, make sure to get your partner’s consent in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. Need more inspiration? Watch some schoolgirl-themed porn together.

Happy playing!


Porn: To watch or not to watch?

Toronto - Wednesday, August 6th, 2014

Ah yes, pornography – one of the many taboo topics in our society. It gets deleted from our browser histories, hidden under our mattresses, and frowned upon in general. We’re told that it promotes immoral sexual behaviour, objectifies women, and ruins relationships. Yet we still sneak a peek at it when no one else is around.

But is it true that nothing good can ever come out of watching a little smut? As it turns out, a number of studies done on this subject suggested that watching pornography can actually be quite beneficial.

Here’s a list of reasons why watching porn, especially with your partner, can improve your sex life:

- Helps you explore your sexuality: The more comfortable you become with watching others act out their desires, the more comfortable you’ll be with discussing your own curiousities with a partner. There are countless fetishes that can be discovered in porn, and you’ll never know what you’ll like until you see it!
- Teaches you new things: Although pornography shouldn’t replace sex. ed. altogether, it can still teach you a few neat tricks, like different positions, locations or role-play scenarios.
- Creates a bonding experience: Think of this as another item to cross off your kinky bucket list. Get silly with it! Make fun of the unrealistic story lines and ridiculous pick up lines.
- Speeds up foreplay: We are predominately visual beings. An erotic film or image can arouse both your and your partner in seconds, which comes in handy when you’re pressed for time.

Keep in mind that everyone’s preferences and turn-ons are different. Visit an adult video store to discover many different genres, ranging from sensual romance and solo masturbation to hardcore BDSM and orgies. If you’re looking for a more interactive viewing experience, check out one of many webcam websites with live performers.

You can read more about the studies here:
- A Wellness Perspective on Pornography by Donald Ardell
- New Research Suggests Porn is Overly Demonized by Elizabeth Armstrong Moore
- Self-Perceived Effects of Pornography Consumption by Gert Martin Hald and Neil M. Malamuth
- The Sunny Side of Smut by Melinda Wenner Moyer


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